Rock head to the final

For the 6th time in the past seven years, the Toronto Rock are heading to the NLL finals. The Rock beat Rochester 12-10 last night in the eastern division final. Pretty close game – the Knighthawks were leading 7-6 at halftime, but Whipper shut them down in the second half. John Grant was invisible in the second half, Shawn Williams got a couple, but Mike Accursi was shut down completely. The Rochester offense just didn’t get it done. Pat O’Toole played a really good game, but he was just the difference between a 12-10 loss and a 18-10 loss. Funny stat – O’Toole had 4 points (all assists), which is more than Manning, Doyle, or Williams. In fact, only John Grant had more than 4 points.

Right now I’m watching the Calgary/Arizona game, which Calgary is currently winning 9-7 in the 3rd. I figured at the beginning that the final would be Calgary in Toronto. Lewis Ratcliff just scored to make it 10-7, but 3 goals in lacrosse ain’t much, especially with over a quarter and a half left. Another one for Ratcliff, now 11-7.

Gail was away scrapbooking today, so it was just me and the boys until dinner. The weather sucked so we were stuck in the house all day, but I decided this morning that we wouldn’t just watch TV all day – in fact, the TV went off at 9:30, and didn’t go on again until after dinner. Not sure if this was a good move or not – neither one listened to anything I said all day. Ryan’s goal in life seems to be to annoy Nicholas as much as possible, then laugh at him when he’s upset, and Nicholas just doesn’t give a shit about anything, particularly me asking him not to do something. Now, he’s not even three yet, so that’s to be expected, but Ryan should know better — he sometimes strikes me as the kid who’s bullied at school, so he comes home and bullies his younger siblings. However, I’ve seen him at school when I volunteer there, and I know that if anything, he’s either the bully himself, or he hangs out with the bullies. It’s funny though — he’ll bug the crap out of Nicholas, laughing the whole time, then Nicholas will get tired of it and pound him, and Ryan will start to cry and come and tell me that Nicholas hit him “for no reason”. Our rule has always been “we don’t hit for any reason”, but you can hardly fault Nicholas for getting pissed off.

11-10 now with a minute left in the third. I think the Rock will have an easier time beating Arizona than facing Calgary again (not that Arizona will be a cakewalk either), so GO STING!


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