The Wild Thornberrys Movie

We rented The Wild Thornberrys Movie the other day for the kids, and watched it tonight. Pretty good movie – the kids liked it, and it was entertaining enough for us too. It’s obviously from the same people who do the Rugrats, which I don’t like, but the potty humour was minimal in this one (other than the wedgie dance, which was actually kind of funny). Interesting fact: the voice of Donnie Thornberry, the “jungle kid”, is done by Flea, bassist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Blockbuster has this new “no late fees” policy now – if your movie is late, they don’t charge late fees. However, if you keep the movie more than a week after the due date, they charge you the full price of the movie (minus the rental charge), so you’ve just bought it. So, on your rental receipt, for each movie, it says “keep it and pay just $x more”. For example, we rented National Treasure the other night (entertaining, if completely implausible), and the receipt said that for just $24 extra (or thereabouts, I can’t remember exactly), we could keep it. For the Thornberrys movie, the receipt said that we have to pay $3.00 more to keep the movie. Since it cost about $3.99 to rent it in the first place, it comes down to this: if we think we might ever rent this movie again, it’s cheaper just to keep it now and pay the $3. Sounds kind of like one of those fast food specials, where a burger and fries costs $5.50, but the burger-fries-drink combo costs $4.99, so it’s cheaper to get the drink and throw it away than not to get it at all.


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