Wonderland Security

We went to Canada’s Wonderland today – we have season passes this year. On the way in, I’m pulling the wagon with a small cooler bag in it through the metal detector and it beeps. The guard asks if I have any cans or bottles in the cooler bag. I say no and he waves me through. First of all, maybe you should be actually checking for bottles and cans rather than just asking? I did see other people pulling cans of pop out of their backpacks at one of the restaurants; obviously security missed them. When we were at Disney last year, they made us open our bags and backpacks and checked through them for that kinda stuff.

Secondly, why bother having metal detectors if you’re not going to check to see why they went off? I could easily have brought in a gun, two knives, and a can of Coke, and security wouldn’t have stopped me. Luckily, I’m not a can-of-Coke-wielding psycho.


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