Fun at Darien Lake

We went to Six Flags Darien Lake last weekend, and stayed in the hotel there, with the Wadsworths. This is our second time there with the kids (went two years ago with the Wadsworths and Scanlons), and they had a blast. There were lots of kids rides for them, and Ryan is big enough now to go on some of the bigger rides, one of which gave Gail and Kerri headaches. We also went to the water park and wave pool, which was a lot of fun as well, though the water was rather chilly. There are a bunch of cool water slides there as well as a new thing called the Tornado, which looks like a giant funnel, but Ryan was too small to go on those. Next year, we probably won’t be able to keep him off of them…

Didn’t go on any “grown-up” rides this year – last time, Kim watched all the kids while the rest of us went on Superman, which is this monstrous coaster, and Gail and I also went on the Boomerang (same as the Bat at Wonderland – goes forwards and then backwards). Quite honestly, the first drop of Superman scared me more than I thought it would, and I have no real desire to go on it again. I wouldn’t have minded doing the Mind Eraser again though, and the Boomerang was fine last time, so I haven’t completely lost my taste for coasters.

After the last few weekends (haven’t slept in my own bed on a Saturday night for 4 weeks), it’ll be good to do nothing (except entertain the in-laws, but that’s not bad) next weekend.


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