The Trial, day 2

We had our first full day today. We started around 10:20, since there were some “matters” that needed to be dealt with, without the jury present. Again, I can’t go into any details about the case, but the prosecution finished with the complainant (alleged victim), brought in two witnesses, and then rested her case. The counsel for the defense then brought in the defendant to testify, and that’s where we finished off, around 4:20.

I’m finding the whole process rather interesting – not significantly different from what you’d see on Law & Order or any other trial show, though those ones are usually about murder or rape or something more serious than aggravated assault. Since it’s not a high-profile case, they’re not too worried about it, but we’ve been told not to read the local papers, in case there are articles about the case, and we’re not supposed to watch the local news and stuff like that. Again, given the nature of the case, it’s not likely to show up on the news, but you never know.

They don’t call it a “confrontational” system for nothing though — the defense attorney (I know that “attorney” is an American term, but I’m used to that term, having watched the various Law & Order series’ religiously for several years) certainly pounded on the prosecution’s witnesses pretty hard, asking the same questions over and over, and pointing out any inconsistencies numerous times, even making a few snarky and sarcastic comments, but was very nice and gentle (and quiet) when the defendent was testifying. We’ll see tomorrow if the prosecutor is as sweet and friendly on cross as she was when addressing her witnesses.

So far, I’m enjoying this jury thing!


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