Wacko Creationists

Dr. Kent Hovind is the founder of Creation Science Evangelism, which is a ministry that teaches that the Bible is “literally true and scientifically accurate”. He believes that the world was created by God in 6 24-hour days about 6000 years ago, and that dinosaurs (which humans called “dragons”) lived at the same time as humans. He has even offered to pay anyone $250,000 for “scientific evidence” of evolution.

The offer is, of course, horseshit, as this article describes. In essence, the only way to win the money is to prove “beyond a reasonable doubt” that God does not exist. This is obviously impossible, and so the fact that nobody has yet won the money proves exactly nothing.

It is amazing to me that intelligent, educated people can still believe stuff like “since there is no evidence that life can be generated from non-living matter, then God must be responsible”. The fact that we have not yet discovered the answer to a particular question (indeed, our minds may not yet be advanced enough to be able to understand the answer) does not mean we should just chuck all of our scientific knowledge and go with “God did everything”.

Sherlock Holmes once said “Once you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remained, however implausible, must be the truth”1, and this seems to be the reasoning behind intelligent design / creationism — evolution is “obviously wrong”, and therefore the only alternative is that God did it. First of all, “obviously wrong” is rather vague – there are never any scientific exlanations for why evolution is wrong, just the standard “if evolution is right, then how did X happen?”. Again, just because we don’t know the answer to every question, this doesn’t mean that the theory is wrong. Secondly, even if our current theory of evolution is wrong, why is creationism the only alternative? You cannot prove creationism true by proving evolution false. Proof by contradiction doesn’t apply here – evolution is not the “logical opposite” of evolution.

Here is another interesting article, this one by the editor-in-chief of Scientific American, listing some popular arguments against evolution, and why they are all bogus.

1 – Note that this is probably not a direct quote – I’m quoting Lt. Cmdr. Data on Star Trek: The Next Generation, who quotes Holmes in one episode.


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