Guess who hit the big time

We received a Christmas card the other day from a couple with whom we exchange cards every year, but we haven’t actually seen them in a number of years. We knew he had started his own company, but we had no idea how it was doing, so just for fun, I googled him. After finding some stuff about him, I asked Gail if there was anyone else she wanted to look up, and she said she was wondering about her first-year university roommate, Heather Pirie, who we lost touch with a number of years ago. We knew she had gotten divorced, but nothing else. The first search turned up an entry that started “Heather Pirie became a full-time singer/songwriter…”. Gail was immediately skeptical that I’d found the right one, until I read the rest of the entry: “…after leaving an executive business development position in the corporate world of Internet software publishing”, which describes what Heather was doing the last we heard. Then Gail thought for a second, and remembered that Heather was a very good piano player and did like to sing, so maybe… After some more searching, we found that this was indeed the Heather Pirie that Gail had roomed with, and she had changed her name (presumably she is now re-married) to Heather Hill. We found her web site, listened to a couple of tracks from her debut CD, and then ordered it. I hope this doesn’t sound condescending, but good for you, Heather, for following your dreams!

Note about the title of this article – it’s from “Lucky Ones” by Loverboy, and the complete line is “Don’t ask me how, but guess who hit the big time”. Just wanted to say that the “Don’t ask me how” part doesn’t apply here. I’ve only heard a couple of the songs, but she sounds like quite the talented singer.


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