So spam ain’t that useless after all

Here is a story from boingboing about a guy who received the ubiquitous spam email supposedly from the FBI saying “we have logged your IP address on some illegal websites and now you’re in big trouble”, yadda yadda yadda. He figured the email was real, and turned himself in to the police, who found lots of child porn on his computer.

One more kiddie porn scumbag off the streets, and it’s all thanks to SPAM! I have long hoped for a day where spam would simply cease to exist, but if the existence of spam helps to get these people off the streets, then sign me up for your mailing list! I want to buy a cheap Rolex knockoff! I want to increase the size of my manhood! I want cheap xanax and alprazolam and propecia and other drugs I’ve never heard of! I’m excited that hot teen sluts are just waiting for me to call them!

Actually, thinking about it some more, keep me off the mailing lists, and just send all my spam to the stupid kiddie porn people. Thanks.


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