OT Thriller!

Wotta game! The Rock only get 6 shots in the entire first quarter and by partway through the second, are down 5-1. Then they claw their way back into it, finally tying the game at 10 with six minutes left in the 4th, and winning it 24 seconds into overtime. Matt Shearer scored the last three goals of the game, Aaron Wilson got 4 goals (including Toronto’s first three), and Jimmy Veltman and Dan Ladouceur both played excellent games.

The offense just wasn’t there at all in the first quarter, and really didn’t get it together all game. Both goalies were amazing, and Toronto’s defense played really well.

Some of the people I go to lacrosse games with hate overtime – one even said she wouldn’t care if Rochester scored, just as long as the game ended. I don’t get that. I love overtime – even the first Rock game of this year, which the Rock lost in overtime. Everyone plays their hardest, knowing the next goal wins – I find it very exciting. When they scored the winner tonight, the whole stadium stood up at once, as if they’d just won the championship.

A 3-4 record isn’t anything to write home about, but they play the expansion (and winless) Edmonton Rush tomorrow night, so here’s hoping they hit .500 and never look back.


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