The Dilbert Blog today contained an article on coincidences, and numerous people have written in comments containins some pretty amazing ones. I’ve got one too:

Gail and I got married in October of 1995, and honeymooned in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. One of the day trips we took was a bus trip from Ocho Rios to the Blue Mountains, approximately four hours away. Once there, we took a bus to the top of a mountain, then biked down. Halfway down the mountain, the tour stopped at a little place for lunch. Gail went to the washroom while I sat at a picnic table – another couple from the tour was already sitting there. When Gail came back, she and the woman already at the table recognized each other – they had gone to high school together in Woodstock. Not only that, but they were on their honeymoon too – they got married the same day that we did, and they were staying in Ocho Rios, in the resort right next to ours. So not only did we get married on the same day, but we chose adjacent resorts in Ocho Rios, and then chose the same bus tour on the same day, but after all that, we didn’t run into each other until I chose to share their table for lunch.

I love stuff like that.


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