Floppin’, Turnin’, and … Riverin’?

Never been big on poker, mainly cause I’m not very good at it, but I’ve been interested in playing some Texas Hold ‘Em recently. Don’t know why, really, I wasn’t looking to play, but I found a game online and played a bit there, just me against the computer. Then I tried one game (not real money!) against 7 real people, and dammit all if I didn’t win the freakin’ game.

So I guess that gave me a bit of an inflated ego, so I tried pokerstars.net, also not for real money, but against real people. I got smoked. I played a game this afternoon and lost $200 of play money in a very short time, and then this evening after everyone went to bed I played a little more – I played smarter than this afternoon, but still lost $1800. In my last hand, I was dealt a pair of freakin’ aces and still lost. If this were real money, man would I have some ‘splainin to do.

It was fun though, so I’ll keep pluggin’ away. It’ll be a while until I play with real money, though, if ever.

On the lacrosse front, I saw the wildest freakin’ (word of the day?) lacrosse game on Saturday night – Rock vs. Wings. The Rock were down 2 or 3 to nothing before they ever touched the ball. They were down 4-0 and then 7-1, then stormed back with a great second period to tie the game at 7. They were down 10-8 at halftime, then they didn’t score at all in the third, and were down 14-8 early in the fourth. Again they stormed back to tie it at 14 with 43 seconds left, and then Colin Doyle won it 1:13 into overtime. They never had a lead in the game until they won it. They were down by 6 and came back to tie it, and then were down by 6 again and again came back to tie it. Gotta love lacrosse.


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