What a drag it is getting old

Our second baseball game of the season was last night, and I’m feeling it today. My throwing arm isn’t as sore as I expected, in fact it feels pretty good. My legs are killing me though. Getting out of the car after the hour drive into work was a bit of a chore – since my job involves a fair amount of sitting, I plan on forcing myself to get up every hour or so and just walking around the building to try and keep my leg muscles from tightening up completely. I’m going to have to hit the treadmill a lot more in the future.

It ocurred to me yesterday that although I was one of the younger people in the Stelco league, I’m probably one of the oldest on my team this year. I really need to join a volleyball league or something during the winter to keep in shape so that the first few baseball games of the spring aren’t like this. Working out in the basement is great, but there’s just no substitute for actually playing a sport.

What else is going on? The Rock fired coach Terry Sanderson the other day. I’m not sure why – he was there for 2 full seasons and most of a third, and here’s what he did:

  • 2004: Take over a team that was 2-4 and lead them to the playoffs
  • 2005: Won championship
  • 2006: Start 0-4 and still get them into the playoffs

Sure, one championship win in 3 seasons is a lower average than his predecessor, the late Les Bartley, who won 4 in 5 seasons, but Les is widely regarded as one of the best box lacrosse coaches ever, so you can’t honestly expect every coach to have that kind of record. Personally, I don’t quite understand the move.

Update: Former Toronto Rock defender Glenn Clark, who played last year with the Philadelphia Wings, was announced this morning as the new Rock head coach. Clark is an experienced player, who was apparently an unofficial assistant coach with the Rock a couple of years ago while he was injured for half a season. He obviously knows the game very well, but other than his unofficial stint with the Rock, I don’t think he has any high-level coaching experience. We’ll see how that works out…


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