Let me give you some good advice, young man, you better learn to play guitar

It’s been almost a year since I started my weekly guitar lessons. Still no Grammy award, but I’m certainly better than I was a year ago. Favourite songs to play: Blackbird by The Beatles and The Rain Song by Led Zeppelin (though you have to retune the guitar for that one, which is kind of a pain). The lessons have certainly been helpful, but more because I’m forced to get the guitar out at least once a week and play it. I’m getting some instruction in my technique, but according to my teacher, that’s good enough that I don’t need much instruction there, just practice. My problem is music theory, and while my teacher does go over it, I’m not retaining much of it. At one point, he was explaining relative chords and stuff, and suddenly a bunch of stuff made sense — I even understood why the guitar strings are tuned the way they are, and not simply to a chord. Of course, a couple of months later, I don’t remember any of that now. It’s not my teacher’s fault, though, I just have to get off my ass and put more time into learning that stuff.

It’s my son’s birthday! Nicky turns the big ‘4’ today. I can’t believe he’ll be starting school (JK) in the fall. We got a package from the school just yesterday about it – his teacher will be Mrs. Tilton, who is new at Greenleaf. We were hoping Ms. Urfey would be his teacher – she’s taught JK at Greenleaf for at least the past 4 years, and is really good. She, however, wanted to move over to teaching grade 2, so they had to bring in another JK teacher. Nicky is looking forward to school, though I don’t think he has any clue what’s in store for him; then again, does any kid starting JK? Probably not. I think the teacher might have her hands full with him, until she can (hopefully) tone down his joking moods, when he loses control of himself, and “no, Nicky” doesn’t really mean anything. Hopefully Mrs. Tilton will have more luck doing that than we have, since she presumably has more experience in dealing with small children than we do. He’s also got three full months before he starts, so maybe he’ll grow out of it by then.

Update: Nicky’s teacher will not be Mrs. Tilton. We requested that he be moved to the A stream (i.e. Wednesday, Friday, and every other Monday rather then Tuesday, Thursday and every other Monday), and they have already done this for us (Gail being chair of the school council may have had a hand in this), so his teacher will be Mrs. Tyrosvoutis. I think that’s the right spelling, anyway – the kids call her Mrs. T. I pity da fool who pronounces her name wrong.

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