Queensryche Live

I borrowed a fairly new Queensrÿche album from the library the other
day, called “The Art of Live”. Kind of a self-aggrandizing title, I thought
(“We’re so good live, we’ve turned it into an art”), but they used
to be one of my favourite bands (as I’ve blogged before), so
I thought I’d give it a try. What a disappointment. Part of my disappointment
comes from the fact that most of the songs are from the last few Queensrÿche
studio albums, which I didn’t really like, and not so much from the first 4 or 5,
which I did like. Even ignoring that, there are other problems: the crowd noise
is almost non-existent (a live album without crowd noise is just weird to listen
to), and there are no backing vocals. This doesn’t matter much for some
songs, but for a song like Anybody Listening, it really loses something
without the backing vocals. I guess Chris DeGarmo was the primary backing
vocalist, since he’s no longer with the band. Hey, maybe that’s the reason I don’t like as much of the new stuff — he wrote all the
songs I liked too. Another weird thing is that on
the song My Global Mind, it sounds like they’ve shut off the amplifiers, or at
least turned the distortion way down — it’s not quite an acoustic version,
but it certainly isn’t as heavy as the original version. I think if it
was a pure acoustic version, it would be OK, but it just seems mixed up
here. Operation: LIVECrime was a pretty good live Queensrÿche album, but this one just seems to continue the downward spiral of a formerly great band.

I also got a greatest hits album by Silverchair from the library, but I
haven’t listened to it yet. I will be sure to keep you, Constant Reader,
informed. (Kind of a Stephen King thing there)


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