Blasphemy and irony

Note to those who might see “Hamilton Tiger-Cats” at the beginning and
skip the rest, that this is not a sports article…

Last Saturday, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats got absolutely smoked by Saskatchewan,
51-8, one of the worst blowouts in team, if not league, history. The headline in
the Hamilton Spectator on Monday was “Oh My God!”. This morning, there was a
to the editor
(not sure if you need to be a subscriber to see that)
complaining about the use of this phrase. My first thought when I read the letter,
ironically, was “Oh, good Lord.” (I’m not kidding, those were the exact words that
came into my head. I swear to God.) Is this really worth writing to the
editor about? Do people really
have nothing more important to do than complain about stuff like this? **
It’s just a phrase. Nobody’s calling
to God, asking Him to fix up the Ti-Cats, or asking why He let such a thing
happen. It’s just a group of words that people say when something happens that
shocks them. Next, people will be protesting the old Batman TV show because Robin
keeps using the word “holy” in reference to things that are not, in fact, holy.
Get over it.

** Before you ask, yes, I do see the irony in blogging
a sentence like that…

A few years ago, someone at Sybase corporate sent a company-wide email out
about something, and prefaced the email by saying “Good Friday morning!”, since
it was sent on a Friday. Someone else replied to that email (to the whole
), complaining that to Christians, the phrase “Good Friday” refers to
a particular day, and not just any Friday, and should not be used out of context.
Good God, For crying out loud, the guy was just trying to be friendly.
Some people will complain about anything.

BTW, when I first typed in the title of this article, I was really tempted to add “live together in perfect harmony” to the end, but decided against it. Made me laugh though.


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