Run for the Cure

We participated in our third Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation Run for the Cure in Burlington this morning. We walked the full 5 km — well, just like last year, Gail and I walked the full 5 km, while the boys rode in the wagon most of the way. We did make them walk some of the way; Ryan walked about 1½ km, while Nicholas split his kilometre between walking (and whining about the fact that he had to walk) and being carried on Gail’s back. Maybe next year we’ll get them to actually walk — as I told Ryan, it ain’t the “Ride in the Wagon for the Cure”.

We raised $400 ourselves, which beat our total from last year (I think we had $350 last year). I’m pretty sure you can still make donations after the event, so if you want to sponsor us, please click here. Great reasons for doing this are twofold: not only will you be helping out a great cause, but you also get to see a nice (two-year-old) picture of my family, taken at the Whispering Canyon Café restaurant at Disney World’s Wilderness Lodge Resort. Thanks for your support!

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