Squeak squeak swish

I went to my first Raptors game in about 10 years last night – Raptors vs. the Atlanta Hawks. Last time I went to a Raptor game was around ’96 or ’97 with my old company – we went to a Raptors-Celtics game (fitting, considering the amount of time we spent in Boston) at the SkyDome. They, of course, play at the ACC now, and I know a little more about the game than I did then, which was precisely nothing.

I’m still no basketball expert by any stretch, but I can recognize bad defence when I see it, and the Raps were brutal in the first half. Chris Bosh couldn’t hit anything, and I think he might have had 4 points at halftime. He did have a bunch of rebounds though, but that doesn’t matter much if you miss the follow-up. The Raps quickly took a 2-0 lead in the first, then Atlanta tied it, went ahead, and never lost the lead for the rest of the game. The Raptors played better in the second half, and got to within 2 points of the Hawks a couple of times, but no closer.

I’m going to two more Raptors games next month – one with Ryan, and one with my friend Jeff. Jeff co-owns season tickets to the Leafs, and he’s taken me to a number of Leaf games, and never lets me pay for the ticket, so I think a Raptors game is the least I can do!


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