Blue Man Group

We went to see Blue Man Group in Toronto
on Saturday night. In a word, wow. Absolutely undescribably amazing.
“Undescribable” is an understatement — it was funny, it was musical, it
was percussive, it was interactive, it was messy (for those in the first few
rows, called “the poncho section”), it was without a doubt the weirdest experience
I’ve ever had in a theatre. The three Blue Men never break a smile, never speak
or make vocal noises of any kind, and yet still manage to convey their messages,
which is important when they bring audience members up on stage and want them
to do stuff. It’s a multimedia extravaganza, with not only music, but everything
from paint to marshmallows, Twinkies to Cap’n Crunch, as well as computer
animation, pixelboards, laser effects, and multi-coloured PVC tubes all over
the place.

I guess it’s not for everybody, but everybody we went with loved it. Highly


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