Bonds and Beckham

Barry Bonds says that
Mark McGwire (and Pete Rose) should be in the Hall of Fame. Well, of course
Bonds thinks that McGwire should be there — if McGwire isn’t there
because he used steroids, then there’s no way Bonds will get there. I posted
while ago
about McGwire, and how I didn’t know whether he should
or should not be in the HOF. Well, I think I’ve made up my mind now — if I
had a vote, I would not vote for him.

It’s never been proven
beyond a reasonable doubt that McGwire took steroids, but this is not a court of
law, so there is no set “burden of proof”. And even if steroids were not
explicitly banned by MLB, the belief by the general public (thanks Ben Johnson)
was that those who used steroids were cheaters. McGwire had already retired, and
had broken no baseball rules by taking the drugs, so there were no repercussions
if he were to admit taking them, but he still stonewalled the US Congressional
inquiry and refused to answer any questions. Why? Because he knew that
what he had done was wrong.
If he had ‘fessed up, I might have had a
little more compassion, but he cheated and then lied about it. No! No
Hall of Fame for you!

I posted before
on why Pete Rose should not be in the Hall, so I won’t go over that again. I
can’t think of two more deserving Hall of Famers than Cal Ripken and Tony
Gwynn, so congrats to them.

So the MLS is all about signing older, used-to-be-good-but-not-so-much-now players for insane amounts money now, is it? Then who better than MLSE to own a franchise in that league? They’ve been doing that with the Leafs for years.


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