"Best Buy" may not be

Best Buy has admitted having an intranet web site that is identical to the public web site, except that the prices aren’t always the same. Apparently the idea is that customers would come into the store asking about an item at a certain price, and the employees would then check the “web site”, showing the customer that the price has gone up. I have heard numerous complaints about Best Buy — not just that their salespeople are pushy (that’s true at a lot of places), but that they try to cheat customers and dupe them into paying higher prices. I’ve only been in Best Buy once, looking for something specific (don’t even remember what it was), and I didn’t buy whatever it was there, but because of all these stories I’ve heard in the past, I have been hesitant to shop there. After this latest one, they’re on my “boycott” list. Not that I really had a boycott list before (I can’t think of any other stores that I absolutely refuse to go to), but I have one now, and Best Buy’s on it. This is a little unfortunate, since I’m in the market for a Wii, and they’re rather hard to find. Removing one store from my list of possibilities will make it even harder to find, but, you know, standing up for your principles and all that.

Yappa Ding Ding wrote the other day about problems she had recently with Dell’s website. This is unfortunate, since we’re considering buying a new computer in the near future, and I was going to check out dell.ca. I probably still will, but I will be much more defensive if I end up having to speak with a salescritter.


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