Books you will not see on anytime soon

  1. Hockey – A Gentleman’s Game” by Todd Bertuzzi
  2. A Comprehensive Analysis of U.S. Foreign Policy in the 20th Century” by Paris Hilton
  3. How I Made Millions Playing Professional Lacrosse” by anyone
  4. Feeding Your Family on only $17 Million a Year” by Latrell Sprewell
  5. My Favorite Hanukkah Traditions” by Mel Gibson
  6. An Actor’s Guide to Avoiding Typecasting” by Joe Pesci
  7. Burying the Hatchet: How to Resolve Personal Differences And Just Get Along” by Roger Clemens and Mike Piazza
  8. Building a Successful Long-term Career in the Entertainment Industry” by that kid who played “Webster” on TV (foreword by Leif Garrett)
  9. High on Life: Why You Don’t Need Alcohol To Have Fun” by Lindsay Lohan
  10. Being a Sports Celebrity Without Becoming a Jerk” by Kobe Bryant, Barry Bonds, Latrell Sprewell, Roger Clemens, and numerous others

Honourary mention: “George Foreman’s Big Book of Baby Names” (I saw that on some web site somewhere and got a good laugh)


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