Happy birthday to me!

I turned 38 yesterday (it’s shortly after midnight), though I don’t feel a day over, oh, say, 35. Normally our family celebrates birthdays by (among other things) going out for dinner, where the birthday boy/girl chooses the restaurant. I love Chinese food, so I chose a Chinese food buffet place in Burlington that Gail and I used to go to a lot, but haven’t been in a while. However, Ryan had soccer last night, I have a golf tournament today, Ryan has a soccer practice on Wednesday, and I have a baseball game on Thursday, so we’re not going for dinner until Friday. They gave me my presents today though. Gail gave me tickets to see We Will Rock You (warning: link plays music without asking and (even worse) doesn’t seem to have a “shut the hell up” button – I hate that ) with a bunch of our friends at the end of August. As an unintended gift, she also took both boys to Ryan’s soccer game, which gave me an uninterrupted hour to continue reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

I was very impressed by the gifts from the kids — Gail said that they chose them themselves (i.e. it wasn’t Gail buying the presents and saying that they were from the boys). I broke my sunglasses a week or two ago when sliding into second base (I’ve kind of fixed them, but one of the lenses falls out fairly easily now), so Nicholas got me a new pair. Ryan got me a music stand, so I can put my music books on it, rather than putting them down on the overly-cluttered desk in the office.

I also got one birthday “gift” that I did not need. My golf shorts (I really should buy a second pair) were in the laundry, and as I said, I have a golf tournament later today, so I put in a load of laundry with the intent of moving them from the washer to the dryer just as I was going to bed. When I checked around 11:15, I found that the washer was still full of dirty water, and nothing was happening — there was no power getting to the washer. I checked the circuit breaker, which was fine, so I grabbed an extension cord and tried that. The washer groaned for a second and then stopped again. I had to empty all of the clothes from the washer into the laundry sink, then scoop out over 40 litres of water from the washer before I could find the problem, which was a pair of Ryan’s pyjamas wrapped around the agitator. I fought with that for a while before dislodging them. By this point it was almost midnight, and now I had to put the clothes back in the washer, restart it, and wait for it to finish so that I could put everything in the dryer so that I had golf shorts to wear tomorrow. I’m too tired to continue reading (not that I’m not enjoying the book), so I says to myself, “Self”, I says, “what activity can you do to pass the time when you’re tired and don’t feel like thinking?” You guessed it — blogging!

Well, the washer is done now, so I’m off to move the clothes into the dryer and hit the hay. Now that I’m old, I really should get to bed earlier.


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