Google just makes life better

We’re heading north this weekend for my sister’s birthday. We thought maybe we’d stop at Swiss Chalet on the way up for dinner, so I went to my dear friend the Internet to find a restaurant in Mississauga. I went to and found their restaurant locator. I selected Ontario from the pulldown, then selected “Mississauga” from the list of cities, and it gave me a list of locations. Each one had a “map” link, which linked to a separate page containing a little mapquest map of that location. Not too painful, and fairly quick. However, I then had to go through each restaurant listed and figure out where it is, and if it’s near to where I’m going to be driving. I’m fairly familiar with Mississauga, but it took me a minute to figure out how far out of my way “Burnhamthorpe and Creditview” is. And there are nine restaurants listed.

Then I went to to, clicked “Find businesses”, then entered “Swiss Chalet” in the first box and “Mississauga, Ontario” in the second. I was immediately given a map of Mississauga with every Swiss Chalet restaurant flagged. Faster and way more useful. I can plan out my route and instantly see where the restaurants are near the roads I’ll be on.

As my buddy Kurt frequently says, if there’s a better use for the internet, I don’t know what it is.


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