NHL Final prediction

We’re down to one series left. Just when it looked like we’d have two sweeps in the conference finals, the Flyers and Stars each decided to make a series of it, though Dallas had slightly more success than Philly did. In the end though, as the Emperor said in Return of the Jedi, everything has proceeded as I have foreseen. Well, almost everything. I’m 10-4 in my NHL series predictions this year, with only the big one left. This one is hard though — will Detroit’s experience overcome the Crosby and Malkin show?

Pittsburgh has had a pretty easy time of it in the playoffs so far, winning two series in 5 and sweeping Ottawa (though Detroit has only lost two more games than the Penguins), but Detroit is a more formidable opponent, so I’m going to pick Pittsburgh in six.

Note also one of my predictions from last year. I picked Ottawa to beat Pittsburgh in the first round (they did), but I added a postscript: “…though I don’t think I’d want to play Pittsburgh in next year’s playoffs.” This year, Pittsburgh and Ottawa met again in the first round this year, and Ottawa got smoked in four straight. Just sayin’.

Update: Jim Kelley also says Pittsburgh in six, so I’m in good company. Now, he’s analyzed the shit out of this series, and he arguably has more hockey knowledge than I do (being in the Hall of freakin’ Fame), but still.


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