Dentistry is weird

The man sits me down in a chair, sticks a needle in my mouth, holds it there for about an hour and a half, then takes it out and waits. After a few minutes, he starts to drill. When it start hurting, he gives me another needle, waits a few minutes, and continues drilling. Again it starts hurting and again he gives me a needle. Finally, after he’s drilled away half my tooth, he tells me that I’m going to have to come back again so he can give me more needles and drill some more, just enough to take the root out and kill the tooth. Then I pay for this service, with the knowledge that I’ll have to pay more when I come in for the nerve-ripping-out ceremony.

After forty minutes of needles, pain and discomfort, all of which I paid for, and the promise that I have to come back for more, what do I say to him?

“Thank you.”


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