RFD: Request for Donations

Earlier this year, my sister Trudy was diagnosed (at age 36) with both ovarian and uterine cancer. Luckily, she was diagnosed early and is now cancer-free, thanks to the gynecological cancer team at Princess Margaret hospital in Toronto. But not everyone is so lucky. With these types of cancers, there are frequently no symptoms until the later stages, which means that early detection is critical.

On October 19, we are participating in “5K Your Way”, a 5 km run/walk as part of the Toronto Marathon. Trudy has enjoyed running for years, and when she heard about this event, she made it her goal to be healthy enough to participate and help raise money for Princess Margaret hospital. She has achieved that goal and will be running, and I will be running with her (well, I’ll be participating with her, though I may not be running the whole way with her!). All of the money that we raise will go to gynecological cancer research at Princess Margaret hospital.

Please help make a difference and help us raise money for life-saving cancer research. You can donate online here, and as a bonus, you get to see a very cute picture of me and Trudy when we were kids.

Thanks for your support!


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