Obama makes history

First off, congratulations to US President-elect Barack Obama. I don’t follow American politics all that much (hell, I don’t follow Canadian politics all that much), but I do like what I’ve heard from Obama in the past, and I’m also glad that a nutcase like Palin will not be VP. I’ve heard of a lot of Americans who are truly excited and optimistic about their future with their new President, probably for the first time in many years.

But onto the reason for the title of this entry. You might think that Obama is just another politician, just like every other guy who’s been elected President. But there’s something different about him, something that makes him stand apart from every other President the US has ever had. Yes, it’s true: Barack Obama has won two Grammy awards, both for Best Spoken Word Album. As far as I can tell, no other President has ever won a Grammy award.

To be fair, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter have each won a Grammy award, also for spoken word performances, but they both won theirs after being President. Hillary Rodham Clinton has also won one, so perhaps in four years…


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