Obama makes headlines

How is this for cool? This page has a whole ton of newspaper front pages from around the world the morning after Obama was elected. Most of the headlines are what you would expect — “Obama” (with and without exclamation point), lots about change, lots about making history, that sort of thing.

Gotta love this paper from Portugal, where a picture of a supermodel is bigger than the one of Obama and McCain. And this one, also from Portugal, or this one from Bulgaria, where there’s no mention of the election at all (as far as I can tell, I don’t speak Portuguese or Bulgarian). But this one combines the “best” of both worlds — a scantily-clad woman and no mention of Obama!

That last one isn’t from Portugal, it’s from Brazil — where they speak Portuguese. What does that tell you about Portuguese people? They like women in bathing suits and don’t care about American politics. Can’t fault them for that. Next vacation — Rio de Janeiro? Hmmmm….


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