Mid-season NLL report

We’re halfway through the NLL season, and it’s time to look over my pre-season predictions and celebrate the fact that I was 100% bang-on with all of my predictions. Well, almost.

East Division
  Predicted Actual
 1  Buffalo Buffalo
2 Philadelphia Boston
3 New York New York
4 Toronto Philadelphia
5 Rochester Rochester
6 Boston Toronto
West Division
  Predicted Actual
 1  Minnesota Calgary
2 Calgary Portland
3 Colorado Colorado
4 San Jose Minnesota
5 Portland San Jose
6 Edmonton Edmonton

OK, not almost. I got a few right, but in some cases, I’m not even close. In the East, it’s hard to get Buffalo wrong, I had New York contending, and Rochester near the bottom, but that’s about it. Philly didn’t weather the loss of Iannucci very well at all, and my fairly dire prediction for Toronto turned out to be really optimistic. I didn’t have high hopes for Boston, but they’ve turned out to be much stronger than I thought. I did say in my original prediction that they would be stronger than your average expansion team, but for some reason that didn’t get reflected in how I viewed the standings.

In the West, Minnesota hasn’t been the powerhouse I thought they might be, and Portland is not sucking. I got Calgary and Colorado pretty much right, and Edmonton is no surprise.

But in the East, if you swap Boston and Philadelphia in the standings, you get something very close to my prediction. In the West, if you swap Minnesota and Portland, same thing.

Note for the record that I made end-of-season predictions, not mid-season. There’s lots of lacrosse still to be played.


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