Jim Veltman – Mammoth Head Coach?

The Mammoth fired their head coach the other day after a 0-2 start, and GM Steve Govett, who’s never coached a lacrosse game in his life, has announced that he will be taking over as coach. We’ll see how long that lasts. But if he’s looking for a new head coach that does have some lacrosse coaching experience, former Rock captain Jim Veltman is available. The Mammoth had some interest in Veltman a couple of years ago, asking him to retire to join their coaching staff. He declined, played one more year, and then retired to join the Rock’s coaching staff. The entire staff other than Veltman was then unceremoniously fired a couple of months into the next year, and it was announced that Veltman would join the front office in an unspecified position. As far as I can remember, the Rock have never mentioned his name again.

Veltman has never been a head coach at the NLL level, but he was one of Glenn Clark’s assistant coaches for a short while. He has been coach (for a while, a player-coach) of the OLA’s Ajax-Pickering Rock for a while, so he certainly has coaching experience.

If Veltman is hired by the Mammoth, just remember folks – you heard it here first.


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