NLL Predictions revisited

Back in January, I posted my predictions for the NLL this year. Let’s see how close I came, shall we?

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East My Prediction Actual Standings
1. Rochester Orlando
2. Orlando Toronto
3. Buffalo Buffalo
4. Toronto Boston
5. Boston Rochester
6. Philadelphia Philadelphia
1. Calgary Washington
2. Washington Calgary
3. Edmonton Edmonton
4. Colorado Minnesota
5. Minnesota Colorado


In the East, I got two right, two off-by-one, and the rest (that would be another two) totally wrong. Picking Rochester to win the east when they didn’t end up making the playoffs looks like a pretty bad call. I should have listened more closely to the part of my brain that wrote the line “Then again, the 2008 Knighthawks, with Grant and Evans, didn’t make the playoffs.”  I thought Toronto would pick it up a bit and finish fourth – but I, like everyone else, didn’t expect second place.

In the West, I was very close. Nailed Edmonton in the middle, and if you swap the other pairs, I would have gotten them all right.

Coming soon – playoff predictions.


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