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I was part of the writing staff for almost five months, and wrote 23 articles in that time. Here are links to all of them. I’m not posting this because I expect you, dear reader, to read any of them. This article is mainly an archive for my own use so that if I want to link to one of them, I can easily find the link here.

However if you do want to read one or two, the Salaries of Lacrosse Players one was very popular (especially among lacrosse players!), and the entry draft one too. My personal favourites tended to be the funny ones – I had fun writing the “looking forward” one (more satire than comedy; let me know in the comments (here – comments on that article are closed) if you’re one of the few that got the “price is right” joke) and the one about lacrosse movies. For more analysis and less comedy, I also liked the NLL Awards article.


Update: In June 2012, In Lax We Trust changed hosting companies and became When that happened all of the archives were lost, and so none of the links below will work. I wish I had saved copies of the articles before this happened but I didn’t. As far as I know, all of these articles are gone forever.

Title Description
NLL Season Preview: Philadelphia Wings I investigate the personnel changes and preview the offense, defense, and goaltending of the Wings in the (then-upcoming) 2012 season.
Other Stories from the NLL Hold Out List There was a lot of talk about the NLL Hold-out list because of the drama surrounding Anthony Cosmo, so I made up some other stories. Teddy Jenner didn’t like this one.
Salaries of Lacrosse Players Probably my most popular ILWT article – several NLL players retweeted the link to this one. I compare the salaries that NLL players make with those of other pro athletes.
Teachers and Firefighters in the NLL Almost all NLL players have jobs outside of playing lacrosse, but it seems that a lot of them are either firefighters or teachers.
NLL Off-Season in Review: Colorado Mammoth Review of the changes made by the Mammoth after the 2011 season.
NLL Off-Season in Review: Buffalo Bandits Review of the changes made by the Bandit after the 2011 season.
NLL Off-Season in Review: Calgary Roughnecks Review of the changes made by the Roughnecks after the 2011 season.
NLL Off-Season in Review: Washington Stealth Review of the changes made by the Stealth after the 2011 season.
Upcoming Lacrosse Movies Some ideas for movies that could be made involving lacrosse. Another fun one.
NLL expansion: Just say no Another writer suggested that the time might be right for the NLL to expand. I disagreed.
A look back: Looking forward to 2002 Satirical article on how the future of the NLL might have looked in 2002.
Trivia contest answers Former NLL player and current radio host Teddy Jenner won the contest.
In Lax We Trust Trivia Contest A year or two ago I won a lacrosse shaft in a contest, so I came up with some trivia questions to give it away.
Renaming the NLL Awards If the league were to rename its MVP, Rookie, Goalie, etc. awards after people like the NHL and others have done, who would they be?
Behind the scenes at the NLL entry draft I enjoyed writing this mock conversation among the GMs at the entry draft.
Parity in the NLL: Who do we make fun of now? Which team do we make fun of as the laughing stock of the league? There really isn’t one.
The biggest surprises from the dispersal draft Some surprising picks from the Blazers dispersal draft.
Farewell to the Blazers Kind of a post-mortem on the Boston Blazers.
More New Rules Being Considered by the MLL The MLL announced that they were considering using lacrosse sticks with heads that lit up to indicate who has the ball. This was such a silly idea that I came up with some other potential silly rules the MLL might think about.
Last year’s NLL blockbusters: John Grant and Matt Vinc Analysis of the trade that sent John Grant to Colorado and Matt Vinc to Rochester.
Last year’s NLL blockbusters: Tracey Kelusky Analysis of the trade that sent Tracey Kelusky to Buffalo.
Last year’s NLL Blockbusters: Josh Sanderson Analysis of the trade that sent Josh Sanderson from Calgary to Boston.
Lax Links 8/5/11 My first article for ILWT. Marisa used to do a daily list of links to stories from around the lacrosse world, and she asked me to put the list together on that day.

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