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Jasper secrets revealed!

My boss discovered my blog today, thanks to the link on my family web site, so I thought I’d scare him a bit. Jasper is the code name for the next release (version 10.0) of SQL Anywhere, the RDBMS that I work on. It’s not scheduled for release until sometime in 2006, so revealing the new features and stuff here would be a very Bad Thing™ and could get me fired. So, no, Mark, I have no intention of posting any secrets here, except to say that Jasper contains more new features and big changes since ASA 6.0 back in about 1998.

BTW, all of the major releases since version 7.0 have had code names, and they’ve all been ski resorts: 7.0 was Aspen, 8.0 was Vail, 9.0 was Banff, and 10.0 is Jasper. We haven’t picked a code name for 11.0 yet, but apparently Chicopee, the staggering 200-foot-vertical ski hill in nearby Kitchener, is not in the running. By way of comparison, the hills in Jasper, Alberta have a vertical rise of about 3,000 feet.