Soccer hooligans…again

I saw some footage of a soccer match in (I think) Spain Italy the other day, where a player mouthed off to a ref and got a yellow card. The fans were not pleased with this, and proceeded to throw bottles and other stuff, including lit flares onto the field. One of the goaltenders was even hit in the back with a flare, but he was OK. This just blows my mind. Who the fuck brings flares to a soccer game? And it’s not like there was just one or two – it looked like at least 20 flares rained down on the field. The game was, obviously, cancelled.

Here’s an idea – fingerprint and take photos of everyone as they enter the stadium, then install hundreds of high-quality (and indestructible) cameras throughout the stadium, so that they can identify the idiots who do this and arrest them. OK, that may be cost-prohibitive, but they have to do something!


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