Oceans Twelve

We rented Oceans Twelve last night. Not bad, not as good as the first one (well, the second first one, never seen the 1960 one). The bit about Julia Roberts acting as Tess acting as Julia Roberts was really clever, and Bruce Willis’ cameo was more than just a cameo. The story was kind of confusing, but the rest of the movie was good enough to make up for that. The cast was really good – George Clooney and Brad Pitt work well together, and Matt Damon was funny in that one minute he was the confident con man, and the next he was the nervous insecure kid trying to learn from Rusty. Elliot Gould was sufficiently slimy, and Julia had some scenes where she actually looked like a real person, not the beautiful rich woman like in the first one.

I really like Brad Pitt as an actor. He and Tom Cruise are two actors who seemingly became famous because of their looks, and then surprised everyone by actually being able to act. Tom isn’t as good as Brad, but he’s been very good in some of his last few roles (Collateral, The Last Samurai).


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