Golf Lessons pay off

I took a few golf lessons last summer – Gail got me three lessons for my birthday. Mainly, the guy adjusted my grip and told me to stop moving my feet so much. He said I had an “open swing”, like Ben Hogan, though I don’t remember what that means.

Anyway, I went out golfing with my friends Ajai and Gordon on Saturday, and found that they really paid off. I shot a 51 for 9 holes, and beat both Ajai and Gord by 4 strokes! I think this was not only the first time I’ve won a golf game, it was the first time I’d ever beaten anyone who plays more than once a year! I was fairly consistent overall – mainly bogeys and doubles, with an 8 and a couple of 7’s to bring me back down to Earth. I lost a few, and took a couple of mulligans, but generally, my driving was very good, my short game didn’t suck as bad as normal, and my putting wasn’t too bad. Thanks to the lessons, I don’t hate my driver any more!

We also played 9 on Sunday at a shorter course, and I didn’t have as good a day – shot a 54, while Gord and Ajai shot 45 and 46. My consistency was all over the map on Sunday – on one hole, I hit a huge drive off the tee into a sand trap, then drilled it from there into another sand trap beside the green, then hit it out of there pretty nicely, setting up a 15-foot par putt. Then I three-putted from there.

I borrowed a “Big Bertha”-type driver from Gordon for a couple of holes on Saturday — way bigger head than my driver, and weighs almost nothing. Both times, I hit it dead straight down the middle of the fairway, close to 300 yards. I must get one…


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