Deiter’s Love Golf Tournament

I played in the Deiter’s Love Golf Tournament this past weekend – this is the one that I’m doing the web site for. There were well over 100 golfers, so it was by far the largest tournament I’ve been in. I was in a group with my friends Jeff, Steve, and Doug, all of whom are better golfers than I am – though Jeff hasn’t golfed much in the past few years, so his game has dropped off a little. I couldn’t hit anything off the tee most of the day, but my short game and putting were pretty good. I did come within about an inch of a natural birdie on a par 4 — we used my tee shot, then my chip pitch onto the green (I learned the difference between a chip and a pitch as well), and then I almost sank the birdie putt. Luckily, someone else sank the putt, and we birdie’d the hole. We played pretty well overall – no bogies at all, and four birdies, so we ended up 4 under, which was good enough for 5th overall. Note that this is the 5th best score overall – there were at least 4 teams with lower scores than us. Could be that 5 teams tied at 5 under, putting us 9th, not 5th.

After the tournament, there was a dinner and a silent auction of hundreds of items ranging from toys to gift baskets, golf equipment to crafty things. There was even a big bag of dog food and a can of ceiling paint. My friend Wendy got the ceiling paint – doesn’t seem that exciting, but she paid less than half of what she would have at a store. Hey, if you need it anyway, may as well.

I bought a couple of things at the auction – a putter and dozen golf balls for about $55 (the golf balls are normally about $25, so I got a pretty nice putter for $30), and a picnic set, which consists of a big cooler bag, and another bag (that attaches to the first one) containing plastic plates, cups, cutlery, a little cutting board and bread knife, and some other stuff. Not bad for about $50.

I’m not really sure why I decided to bid on the putter – maybe just because I golf left-handed, and it was a lefty putter. The thing is, I already have a pretty good putter, which I’m perfectly happy with (used it to sink a long nasty putt on our last hole, thankyouverymuch). I’m probably done golfing for this year, so I’ll have to wait until next spring to figure out which putter to use.


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