At work, we use the services of SpamShark to filter our email spam. Every now and again, I log in to their web site and peruse the spam I’ve received, on the off-chance that some useful piece of email was accidentally marked as spam. The top four types of spam I receive seem to be:

  1. Cheap drugs (Viagra, Cialis, et al)
  2. Porn
  3. Stock tips
  4. Watches

The first three I can understand – sex, drugs and money – but watches? Who the fuck cares? For me, a watch is a tool that tells you the time. If it’s got the date too, alarms, stopwatches, etc. that’s great, but the time is the important thing. My watch is a cheap Timex Expedition – $40 at Wal-Mart, and I’ve had it for years. If I were in a different line of work where I had to deal with customers face-to-face, and wear suits and stuff, then sure, I’d probably get myself a nicer watch. But are there really that many people who are dying for a Rolex or a Rolex clone? If I see someone wearing a Rolex, I think that either (a) he bought a cheap knock-off to try to impress people, or (b) he’s got more money than brains. Either way, I’m not terribly impressed.

It’s the same with wheels on cars – when I was picking out stuff for my car, upgrading the wheels is about the last thing I’d spend money on. I simply do not care one iota what the wheels on my car look like.


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