Free-as-in-beer music

A band out of Seattle called Harvey Danger has released their latest album “Little by Little” on the internet as a free download. I’ve never heard of the band at all, but I downloaded it anyway because (a) I can, without feeling guilty, (b) if the band is keeping track of how many people do this, higher numbers might push other bands to do the same thing, and (c) maybe they don’t suck.

Turns out that they don’t suck. I’ve only listened to it once, and I don’t know if I actually like it yet, it’ll take a few more listens. But they’re competent musicians, the singer has a pretty good voice, and the production is pretty good (i.e. it doesn’t sound like it was recorded in someone’s basement).

I read about this on Actually, it was on Wil’s temporary blog site, since his main site is experiencing technical difficulties. Please stand by.


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