Bonds a Blue Jay?

Frank Thomas was released by the Jays last weekend after a dismal start. Now some people are advocating that the Jays sign Barry Bonds as their new DH. While he’s a better hitter than Thomas (in fact, he’s a better hitter than many of the Jays), I think this would be a colossally bad move for the Jays. Sure they’d get a lot of press for it and attendance might increase, but the effect on the clubhouse might be devastating. Bonds is not known for his friendliness, and he’s widely known as one of the least team-oriented players around. According to Rick Reilly, formerly of Sports Illustrated, when Bonds was with San Francisco, he skipped the team photo, didn’t work out with the team, didn’t travel on the same bus as the the team, and didn’t eat with the rest of the team. Do the Jays, or any other team, need a DH badly enough to accept that kind of a primadonna?

I think the fact that Bonds has been a free agent since last September and nobody has signed him speaks volumes.


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