NLL first round picks

I made my predictions for the first and second rounds of the NHL playoffs, so it’s time to make my predictions for the NLL playoffs as well.

  • Buffalo over Philly — Iannucci is the real deal, Snider is a monster on face-offs and loose balls, and Philly got some great goaltending from Blazer and Miller in the Toronto game the other day, but they did almost lose to a Rock team that didn’t make the playoffs and didn’t have Ryan Benesch playing for some crazy reason. The game is in Buffalo, and the crowd there will be really loud, which the Bandits thrive on. This will be a good game though, and some friends and I will be heading to Buffalo to catch it.
  • Minnesota over New York
  • San Jose over Portland — Colin Doyle had a great season for San Jose and always steps it up in the playoffs. We saw it time and again when he was with the Rock. The guy hasn’t won three Championship Game MVP awards for nothing.
  • Colorado over Calgary

Update: I nailed the Buffalo-Philly game. I did go to the game last night, and Iannucci was the real deal (4 goals), Snider was a monster on face-offs (winning 28 of 30, though the vast majority were simply conceded by the Bandits), Blazer and Miller did play well, and the Buffalo crowd was very loud. Oh, and the Bandits did win.

Second update: That was all I nailed. New York took out Minnesota, Calgary beat Colorado, and Portland stunned San Jose this evening, so I’m a dismal 1 for 4 in the first round. Second round begins this Friday, so more predictions coming soon…


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