Impossible advice

I recently upgraded my home computer from Windows 2000 to XP, and now it has this annoying habit. Whenever I plug my iPod in to sync / charge, it tells me “Hey! You just plugged a high-speed USB device into a low-speed USB port! If you were to plug it into a high-speed USB port, you’d get better performance. Click here to list the high-speed USB ports available.” But when I click there, it tell me that I don’t have any high-speed USB ports on my old clunker of a computer. So Windows knows that I don’t have a high-speed USB port, yet every time I plug my iPod in, it tells me I should use one.

I need to look for a registry entry called AnnoyUserByAdvisingThemToUseAHighSpeedUSBPortWhenThereIsntOne and set it to 0. Though the way Microsoft does things, it would likely be an undocumented “StopAnnoyingUser…” setting that doesn’t exist, and I would have to create it and set it to 1.

Update: If you go to device manager and find the USB driver and go to Properties, there’s a checkbox on there somewhere saying “Don’t display USB errors”. Check that and the message goes away. Of course, if I get a different USB-related error, I won’t see it either, but that doesn’t happen often anyway.


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