Here is a comic about the blogging craze. Makes me wonder why I write in this blog – is it for the money? No, though it’s kind of nice. For the chicks? No, though, again, that’s a welcome perk. Because my thousands of devoted readers are clamoring for more of my innermost thoughts? Um, no.

I don’t really know why I have a blog. Sometimes I think it’s kind of a historical document – so in a few years, I can read what I was thinking way back when Figgy died, or when we went to Vegas, or something like that. Other times, it’s just an outlet for me to vent about stuff (ObVent: if someone passes you on the right, in all probability it means that you’re in the wrong lane, not them!), and sometimes I feel like I want to share my opinions with someone, but I don’t know who, so I just post ’em here.

It’s funny – I’m not sure if Gail even knows I have a blog. It’s not a secret – there’s a link to it on our own web site fer cryin’ out loud – and I’m not trying to keep it from her, I just haven’t made a point of telling her about it. And I know why I haven’t — the first thing she’d ask is “why?”, and I don’t really know the answer.


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