b2 and 0-3

I tried the b2 thing on Saturday night to watch the Toronto Rock game in Rochester. More on the actual game later. b2 basically takes whatever video feed is available (local TV or whatever) and streams it out onto the ‘net for $6 a game. For some games, the only video available is the video shown on the scoreboard, complete with crowd shots, “kiss-cam”, and whatnot. In this case, the game was being shown on a local Rochester channel, so we got the feed for that, including commercials. I streamed it to my laptop and plugged the laptop into the TV, so I didn’t have to watch it on the laptop screen. It was OK, in the sense that I could watch a game that I couldn’t otherwise watch, but the video quality kind of sucked. It was sometimes possible to read the names on the back of players’ jerseys, but not always. Following the ball was next to impossible, though.

There’s another thing out there now called lacrossetv — for $10 US/month, you get a box that you have to plug into your broadband connection, and then you get lots of games – live games as well as older ones available on-demand. Sounds pretty cool, but (a) I don’t know where we’d put the box, and (b) I don’t know when I’d have time to watch older games anyway.

Anyway, onto the game itself, which the Rock lost 14-9. I only saw about half of it, since it started at 7:30, and by the time the boys went to bed and I read them their stories and such, it was into the 3rd quarter. The Rock gave up 12 goals in the first half, and were losing 12-4 at one point. The 12 goals were the most the Rock have ever given up in a half, and after 10, Watson was pulled for backup goalie Phil Wetherup. He only let in 4 goals the rest of the way, so he did a great job in a backup role, but the Toronto offense couldn’t get anything going. Manning had another frustrating game, only getting 2 assists, where Josh Sanderson had 2-and-3.

Shawn Williams had a great game for the KHawks – 4 goals and 3 assists. Shawn is my buddy Mike’s nephew, so we all like to see him do well. I’m sure he especially enjoys playing well against the Rock, since he was once a member of the Rock (won a championship with them in 1999), but was then traded to Buffalo for nothing but a draft pick — and the guy they chose with that pick never played a game. Don’t know why that trade was made, but Shawn spent one productive year in Buffalo before being traded to Rochester in a blockbuster deal the next season, where he’s played really well ever since. On any team not featuring John Grant or John Tavares, Shawn would probably be the number one forward.

So the Rock are now 0-3, and are off to the worst start in franchise history. However, 4 of the 5 teams in the east make the playoffs, and the playoffs are all one-game things, not the best-of-5 or best-of-7 you see in the NHL or MLB, so as long as we get into the playoffs, it’s still quite possible for the Rock to repeat as Champs. Either way though, I just want to see the Rock playing the way we know they can.


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