Being sick sucks

I missed work yesterday and I’m staying home again today. Monday at work, my throat was a bit sore, and then on the drive home, I started to get kind of light-headed and dizzy. Luckily it wasn’t too bad and didn’t affect my driving, but after dinner it got worse. Monday night I didn’t get much sleep, and I lay on the couch or in bed most of yesterday. I slept better last night, and the dizziness is mostly gone, but my throat is still sore. Someone at work suggested I get swabbed for strep, but I’ve had strep a couple of times before, and this feels different. With strep, my throat felt all cut up – like I had swallowed razor blades. This feels more like swelling. Plus, Gail was off work a couple of weeks ago with similar symptoms (not sure why it took 2 weeks to get to me), and she was swabbed for strep, but the test came back negative. If this continues into tomorrow, however, I’m going to the doctor and getting a swab.

We were at Jeff & Kerri’s place on the weekend celebrating Lynda’s birthday, and then on Monday, Kerri sent out an email saying that Lynda was sick with, um, let’s just say various gastrointestinal issues. Then on Tuesday, two other people who were at the party also got sick. I think it’s a little weird that I’m also sick, but not with the same thing, though I think I’d take a sore throat over what they have any day.

At least I got a lot of reading done yesterday – I finally finished The Dark Tower series by Stephen King. The Dark Tower consists of seven books, the first of which (The Gunslinger) was published in 1982, and the last of which (The Dark Tower) was published 22 years later. It’s a really interesting series – one of the most interesting things about it is that Stephen King himself shows up in the story as a relatively major character – and it’s the real Stephen King, not just a guy with that name. So you have a book by Stephen King called The Dark Tower, and in that book, there’s a character named Stephen King who’s writing a book called The Dark Tower. I won’t explain any more about that here – it would take too long – but suffice it to say that the story in the seventh book kind of explains why it took 17 years to write the first four books and only 2 years to write the last three.

Say thankya.


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