To ski or not to ski, that is the question

Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of — oops, sorry, high school English flashback.

Have I mentioned that being sick sucks? My boss (actually my boss’ boss, but he used to be my boss) Dave has a chalet at Devil’s Glen Country Club near Collingwood, and every year, they have “Men’s Day”, where male members of the club can bring as many male guests as they want (for ~$120 each), and they get an all-day lift ticket, free breakfast, lunch, snacks, and beer (!), plus there are lots of prize giveaways. I’ve been two or three times before, and it’s lots of fun. Well, men’s day is tomorrow, and because I’ve been sick all week, I’ve decided not to go – the last thing I need is to be sick for another week because I spent a day outside in the cold, exerting my just-recovering body more than it’s used to. The really sucky thing is that today, I feel almost normal. The dizziness and light-headedness are both gone, and my throat is still sore but much better than yesterday. If the recovery continues, I’ll feel totally fine tomorrow, and yet I’m still not skiing. Sometimes I can be a risk-taker, with a kind of a “ah, what the fuck!” attitude, but when it comes to my health, I’m usually more of a “play it safe” kind of person. Dave sent around an email today saying that Devil’s Glen has gotten 12 inches of fresh snow in the last couple of days and it’s still snowing, so the conditions will be amazing. That’s certainly not making my decision any easier.

I used to ski all the time in high school, but then decided that buying groceries and mini-pitchers of rye-and-coke on Wednesday nights at the Bombshelter were better uses of my limited money during university. Gail doesn’t like skiing, and none of my friends ski much anymore either, so Men’s Day has been my only opportunity to ski in the last, well, many years. Ryan has shown some interest the few times we’ve watched skiing on TV, so maybe sometime this winter, I’ll take him out to Glen Eden or Chicopee or something, rent some skis and teach him everything I know about skiing. Shouldn’t take long.


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