Who does that?

I saw the weirdest thing this morning. I was looking out of my office window (3rd floor, facing the parking lot), while talking to Gail on the phone. I saw a black car drive in and park in the far corner of the parking lot. The driver got out of the car, went around to the other side (so the car was between him and the building), and peed into the snowbank. Then he got back in his car and drove off. I immediately called reception, though we don’t have any security people here, and by the time I called, he was already driving away, so it’s not like they could have done anything anyway. I’m not entirely sure why I called reception – I felt like it was my civic duty to tell someone, as if I had witnessed a robbery or something. I sent an email to the people in my department with offices facing the parking lot, but I’m sure this was an isolated incident – it’s not like the guy’s thinking “Hey, it’s Thursday! Better run over to iAnywhere and pee in the parking lot!”

He didn’t even wash his hands! Eeeewwwwwwwwww….


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