A couple of quickies

The headline in today’s Hamilton Spectator is “New Weapons of Terror”, along with a picture of various bottles: water, hair gel, shampoo, V8, contact lens solution, toothpaste, etc. This is in response to the new airline rules banning passengers from bringing any type of liquid or gel in their carry-on luggage. I’m all for security, and I have no problem getting x-ray’ed and searched before I get on a plane, but this is just getting silly. When we went on our cruise in 2001 (2 months after 9/11), our luggage was searched, and we were forced to break off the little nail file on our fingernail clippers. (Note that we didn’t have to throw it away, we just had to break it off.) Nobody would have batted an eye at a 6-inch sharpened pencil, which is arguably more of a weapon than the nail file.

Here is a funny article about the next step in this “war on terror”. The terrorists may not have succeeded in significantly affecting the Western economies or changing government policies on anything (which, presumably, is at least one of their goals), but I’m sure they’re all having a good laugh at the stupid policies that have resulted from their activities.

On a completely unrelated note, I went out to Quizno’s for lunch today. Man, do they have it wrong. Their food is great, that’s not the issue; their ordering system is just silly. You get in line at one end of the counter and when it’s your turn, you tell the guy what kind of sandwich you want, what type of bread and extras you want, and whether it’s to eat in or to go. Then he makes the sandwich and puts it into the Magic Yummy Sandwich Making machine (aka toaster). You then get into a second line, behind all the same people you were in line behind the first time, and go to the payment counter, where you have to tell the person there what you already ordered. They handle the payment, then cut and wrap your sandwich and give it to you. Why do I need to give my order twice? This is the only restaurant (fast-food or otherwise) that I know of where I have to do this. What’s worse – the first guy doesn’t want your whole order, just the sandwich part of it. If you want soup with it, or a combo with chips and a drink, he doesn’t care. Surely they can figure out a way to handle the customer giving their order once and once only. Every other restaurant in the world can do it…


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