My Obi-Wan has no head

Wil Wheaton, already one of my favourite bloggers / writers, posted this article yesterday. Man, did it bring back memories for me. It’s all about how Wil went through a phase during his childhood when he played with Star Wars figures, as I did. He remembers to this day which ones he had, which ones he had that were broken (and what was broken about them), and which ones he wanted, as I do.

My first SW figure was Obi-Wan Kenobi. Eventually, his head broke off, and despite several efforts to glue it back on, it ended up just rolling around in the box where I kept the figures. I also had:

I always thought Hammerhead was the coolest, even though he was only in the first movie for a couple of scenes. That was it for figures, and the only vehicle I had was a landspeeder (and Wil has a great story about one of those), but I was jealous of my friend Jody who had the an X-Wing Fighter (the wings open up when you press down on R2-D2!) and Darth Vader’s TIE Fighter. Spoiled rotten, that kid was.


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