Change to blog URL

I’ve decided to change my blog’s URL from to I’ve never liked the original URL (boooooring), I just created it because I couldn’t think of anything more clever. “Cut the Chatter” wasn’t even the original name of the blog, but I like that name, so I’m going to change the URL. Bonus points for you if you know where the phrase “Cut the Chatter, Red Two” comes from.

If you’re using the feedburner RSS feed (, I’ll change that as well, so hopefully you won’t see any difference. If you are using the regular RSS feed, that will vanish, so you should switch over to using the feedburner one. There’s a LiveJournal feed as well, but I’m not sure how to change it — hopefully that’s not too difficult. I’ll probably create a new blog on the old address that just contains a link to the new address.

I’ll probably do this tomorrow, or sometime on the weekend; I’m just my readership giving some advance notice now. Hopefully I don’t lose too many readers by doing this, but if you’ve been looking for an excuse to stop reading this blog, here’s your chance!


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